Maurer Söhne

SkyLoop XT 150

SkyLoop offers the highest inversion worldwide. In addition, it is the third-highest steel coaster in Germany. Its unique feature consists in a vertical lift, which takes the passengers into a breathtaking height of 50 m (164 ft), where they are drawn into a gut-wrenchingly slow quarter loop backwards. This is followed instantly by a 360° corkscrew and a plummeting vertical drop at 105 km/h (65 mph), reaching beyond the station. This attraction guarantees extreme thrill in a compact package, a ride to remember.

Ukko,Linnanmäki / Finnland
Mystery of Clouds, World Joyland / China
SkyLoop XT 150 X-Coaster
SkyLoop XT 150 SkyWheel
Ukko, Linnanmäki / Finnland
Mystery of Clouds, World Joyland / China
X-Coaster, Magic Springs / USA
SkyWheel, Allgäu SkylinePark / Germany