Maurer Söhne

X-Car Vertical Coaster

The vertical lift offers sheer excitement right at the start of the ride. Given its extreme manoeuvrability, here the X-Car is predestined for use in two great riding situations. Either, the vehicle makes its way up in a vertical ascent, tilts forwards, before racing down on the other side in a plummeting vertical drop. Or, as a worldwide unique figure, the X-Car is carried up in the Humpty Bump Lift. Having reached the top of the lift, riders experience an electrifying backward roll in inverted position and enjoy –1 g without shoulder harnesses, before plunging down a steep loop figure, a truly memorable experience.

Dream Coaster Iraq
G-Force / Drayton Manor Park / U.K.
Dream Coaster / Amusement Park / Iraq
G-Force / Drayton Manor Park / U.K.
X-Coaster: X-Car